YI ZHAN CABLE CO., LTD Services: Bicycle Inner Wire/ Cable Housing/ Freestyle BMX Cable!! Specialized in serving OEM and ODM productions!!
YI ZHAN has a high standard of expertise in the production of BMX; the team itself has decades of experience in cables, so it has a more stringent quality check for high flexibility and high smoothness required by BMX brake cable system. Therefore, YI ZHAN shows the outstanding development of technology, and the production process regarding the sensitivity and accuracy is on SOP operating procedures for strict control.
Quality comes the first goal in YI ZHAN‘s operating philosophy. Therefore, a more stringent requirement on production, no matter in product specifications, flexibility, smoothness, or quality requirements, is emphasizing on efficiency to meet customer needs in order to achieve our goals.
YI ZHAN customizes quality assurance for each customer; high standard and high specification are in production for each break cable regardless the order quantity. Customer is our priority, so customers enjoy a high degree of cooperation, high efficiency service, and good quality in purchase. YI ZHAN has earned a well reputation and recognition domestically and globally!!